Five School Camp Ideas that Make Rainy Days Shine

Making the Most of School Camp on a Rainy Day

When it rains on our parade, it’s easy to despair. Don’t. With the following ideas up your sleeve you’ll be as right as rain to weather any school camp storm.

Bring nature inside

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean students can’t experience the wonders of nature. Look at using the environment in different way, such as:

  • Make leaf rubbings using lead pencils and paper;
  • Brainstorm how the rain will help various people and places in the world;
  • Listen to the sounds of nature – often birds make different calls in the wet;
  • Run a guided meditation session with rain as the central focus;
  • Use the rain as the beat to create a rap song.

Hold a great scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can be created to suit any situation or group. From the classic style of collecting objects, to more obscure ways using cryptic clues, scavenging is engaging and fun. Hunts can be conducted in groups, pairs or individuals and it’s best to specify a time limit. Depending on the hunt, you can also have a post-hunt session to allow students to show their findings, or explain their thought processes.

Here are some diverse hunting ideas to get the ball rolling:

People Hunt: students search to find others that fit a specific criteria e.g. find a person who barracks for the same footy team as you.

  • Shapes Hunt: –students identify certain shapes in objects or nature e.g. find something with a spiral shape (also works well with colours).
  • Picture Hunt (you’ll need cameras for this one) – students identify the best scenario for a specific photo – ie. find the best spot for a cat to curl up and sleep and photograph a team member acting like a cat.
  • Treasure Hunt: clues lead students from one place to the next to find a treasure. Clues can include trivia questions or alphabetical/numerical codes.
  • Micro to Macro Hunt: – (you’ll need to be organised ahead of time for this one). Students search for a location using photos taken of small details (eg a close up of a door handle).

Set up a fun STEM challenge

Outcomes such as teamwork, leadership and problem solving can still be achieved indoors, especially using STEM challenge ideas like:

  • Design a newspaper bridge – (as well as newspaper, you will need masking tape and something to test the bridge e.g. coins).
  • Build a boat (aluminum foil is great for this activity) and you can use the puddles for testing once it stops raining.
  • Build a tower only using marshmallows and toothpicks (an oldie but a goodie).

Put a New Twist on Old Games

Tap into the interests of your students and have a mixture of passive and active activities at the ready. You could even ask each student to pack a small game.

Here are some tried and tested ideas:

  • Board Game Play Off: break into teams and set a time limit. At the end of each round the students move to the next game.
  • Celebrity Heads: ask all students to write the name of a celebrity on a cardboard square and place in a hat. Each student pulls out a name and attaches to a headband using tape and places the headband on their head. Students figure out their celebrity name by asking others questions that must be answered “yes” or “no”.
  • Balloon Games: the humble balloon can be a lifesaver on rainy days. From balloon tennis to pass the balloon or even balloon volleyball it’s worth having a few packets in your rainy day kit.
  • Torch Limbo: great for a rainy night. Make the limbo line by shining a torch on a wall lowering it each time someone makes the height.

Show time

Bring out your students’ theatrical side. Break into small groups and allow time for groups to come up with a five minute act around a specific theme or idea.

Some topics to consider are:

  • Twisted fairy tales.
  • Shipwrecked or trapped.
  • Outer space.
  • Talking animals.
  • A secret world.

Whatever the weather, we’re here to help you and your students make the most of every minute at Coffs Coast Adventure Centre. Please contact Molly, our Camp Conceirge for ideas and assistance in designing your school camp program.

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