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It’s always a good idea to add a liberal sprinkling of fun and games into every school camp experience. Our Activities Coordinators are the masters of fun. Whether it’s a rousing game of Capture the Flag, or the challenge of Inner Limits, we know how to create a good time. Of course, you can also head offsite for a round of laser tag, some beach games, mini-golf or bowling.

Check out our extensive list of creative games on offer for maximum fun at your next school camp.

Onsite Activities

Big Screen Movie | School Camp NSW | Coffs Coast Adventure Centre

Big Screen Movie

Break out the popcorn. Set up the big screen. Settle in for a night at the movies without having to leave the premises.

Camp Fire

Gather your students around a friendly campfire at our expansive fire pit. Toast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, listen to our local Bush Balladeer or let an Aboriginal Elder regale you with Dreamtime stories.

Capture the Flag

Our Activities Team likes to play Capture the Flag after dark. Wearing a head torch adds a new dimension to this age-old game of strategy, teamwork and fun.

Dance Party | School Camp NSW | Coffs Coast Adventure Centre

Dance Party

Games Extravaganza

There is no better way to expend a bit of energy, fill your camp with laughter and build team spirit than to join our Activities Team’s in the school hall or on our wide-open fields for a Games Extravaganza.


Two tribes will compete to see which tribe will be crowned victors. Each tribe will face challenges testing the tribes physical abilities like balance and coordination as well as challenging their mental abilities like puzzles and endurance. Will your team survive?

Team Rescue

Your plane has crash landed in a crocodile infested swamp. Your team has survived but one member is severely injured and needs urgent medical attention. With only a stretcher, ropes, planks and a multitude of obstacles between you and safety, can your team get out alive and save your team member!

Trivia | School Camp NSW | Coffs Coast Adventure Centre


Trivia is a great way to spend an evening or a rainy afternoon.  Test students’ general knowledge and encourage teamwork.  Trivia events are tailored to different age groups.

Wii at Coffs Coast Adventure Centre


Explore the many games on our Nintendo Wii. A perfect downtime activity for students, or an interactive group exercise for a rainy day.

Zumba | School Camp NSW | Coffs Coast Adventure Centre


A great work out. Awesome music. A whole lot of fun! Zumba is the South American exercise fitness program that has taken the world by storm. Let our Activities Team show you how to shake your booty!

Offsite Activities

Beach Games

Beach Games

Take advantage of the beautiful, pristine beaches here on the Coffs Coast with a series of beach games and challenges.

Cinema Excursion

Cinema Excursion

Catch the latest blockbuster with an excursion to Birch Carroll Coyle cinemas in Coffs Harbour.

Giant Slide

It’s the biggest slide of its kind in the country. The Big Banana’s Giant Slide is 17.5m tall, 6 lanes wide and 83 m long. The race is on and the interactive scoring system tells you exactly who was the quickest.

Ice Skating

Step into the magical and icy world of the Big banana’s Ice Skating rink where you can cut up the ice or glide leisurely around and enjoy.

Laser Tag

Strap on your Gen7 Supernova Battlesuit vest and phaser before heading into the Laser Tag arena at The Big Banana. The thumping sound track, spectacular light show and vibrant laser beams get the heart pounding. You’ll need the adrenaline if you’re going to zap the opposition before they zap you.

Mini Golf

Max’s Mini Golf course at The Big Banana offers up a new challenge at everyone of its 36 uniquely sculpted holes.

10 Pin Bowling

Ten Pin Bowling

Spend an afternoon or evening at the Club300 Bowling Centre in Coffs Harbour. Club300 can organise packages with catering an discounted games. If your students are older consider the Disco Bowl complete with free Jukebox.

Toboggan Run

Embrace the speed.  Hug the turns.  Hold on tight and enjoy the ride on The Big Banana’s 600-meter toboggan run.

Water Park

It’s the biggest Water Park in Sydney and The Gold Coast. Over 4 stories high, reaching speeds of 60kph, The Big Banana’s Water Park slides are the perfect place to cool off and go wild.

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Feature Activity

Mega Drop

A jump off the 12 meter Mega Drop will take students well outside their comfort zones. It’s an exercise in confidence building.