To make life easier for school camp coordinators, we have put together unique experiential learning packages. All you have to do is choose a themed school camp program and we organise the rest. Each program is designed to achieve specific learning outcomes and curriculum objectives with a maximum of fun.

Experiences can be tailored to meet more specific needs. Talk to your Camp Concierge about how best to adapt a program for your students and experience the best of the Coffs Coast.

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Easy school camps for teachers at Coffs Coast Adventure Centre thanks to camp programs that tick many educational boxes.

Education Easy

With so much to offer on the Coffs Coast, we make education easy. This multi outcome focused school camp program will help you tick some…
Culture & Community

Aboriginal Heritage Experience

We work with National Parks NSW and local Aboriginal elders to provide students with a unique opportunity to learn about the history, culture and stories…
Coffs Coast Adventure Centre offers exciting adventure camps for students on school camp on the NSW North Coast.

Maximum Adventure Experience

Take students beyond their comfort zone to discover their inner limits. Full of fun and delight, these challenges are designed to hone resilience, leadership and…
Coffs Coast Adventure Centre’s marine education-themed school camp programs give students hands-on experience.

Marine Education Experience

Combine aquatic education with hands-on ocean experience to bring marine life up close and personal for students on their school camp. We work with the…

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Shannon Kent - Bookings Manager at the Coffs Coast Adventure Centre

Let Shannon help you with booking and planning your camp.

Download The 2024 Teachers Guide

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Feature Activity

The MatchStick | School Camp NSW | Coffs Coast Adventure Centre

Match Stick

Put your life in the hands of your team mates as you climb the 10 metre pole and stand on the head of the matchstick.…