Being Included Matters at the Coffs Coast Adventure Centre

Inclusiveness Matters at the Coffs Coast Adventure Centre

Welcome to school camps where everyone is included, a place that embraces the needs of all students. Coffs Coast Adventure Centre’s vision goes beyond providing fun experiences. We aim to create an atmosphere that offers every student real learning experiences.

School Camps with Varied Experiences

We offer an incredibly diverse range of activities and experiences. Coffs Coast Adventure Centre believes in the power of exposure to varied experiences to promote being included. With many on-site and off-site activities, we cater to the interests of all students. Whether it’s Aboriginal cultural learning or taking a leap out of our comfort zones with our Adrenaline activities, there is something for everyone here.

A Place for Everyone

We ensure every student feels welcome and included. With our extensive and versatile facilities that comfortably accommodate over 130 students and teachers, we aim to make everyone comfortable regardless of their needs. Moreover, we’ve created an environment where children with diverse needs can learn, laugh, and grow.

Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature through our wildlife and wilderness programmes is integral to the comprehensive learning approach. The marine-focused curriculum gives students a unique opportunity to interact with the environment, educating them about different ecosystems and the importance of conservation. Likewise, nature-based activities also make learning more involving, as students have varied opportunities to find something they feel connected to.

Personalised School Camps

Welcoming everybody doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all, but quite the opposite. Hence, we offer personalised programmes tailored to specific cohorts to ensure all objectives are met. The curriculum can be as fun-filled or as educational as you’d prefer. Coffs Coast Adventure Centre goes the extra mile to ensure an easy and informative booking experience, making accessibility for all a priority.

Strong Local Alliances

Partnering with local organisations, we deliver educational experiences beyond the four walls of a classroom. Whether it be the Big Banana Fun Park or Dolphin Marine Conservation Park, these partnerships provide unique experiences catering to a wide variety of interest areas.

School Camps with Vision

Inculcating the concept of including everybody in schools starts with providing opportunities to accommodate diverse learning styles and interests. It transcends into broader life lessons of empathy, acceptance, and unity. At the Coffs Coast Adventure Centre, we strive to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere where the curriculum is not just about ticking boxes but about ensuring an enriching experience for every student.

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