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Let’s be honest, these days when it comes to planning anything for teens, mediocre or mundane will not cut it. It must be memorable, exciting and offer something different to the everyday lives they lead (as well as distract them from all things technology). So, if you have been tasked with planning a perfect school camp for teenagers, fear not! Our top tips below will ensure you arrange an unforgettable camp experience.

VARIETY: Take advantage of the diverse location

Here on the Coffs Coast we are blessed to be in a stunning and diverse natural environment. With pristine golden beaches, lush hinterlands and an abundance of local activities, we count ourselves lucky to offer our school camp in such a beautiful part of the world. Whether it’s tackling the rapids of the Upper Nymboida River, soaking up the bushland surrounds of our 30-acre property with a nature walk or honing your scientific skills through hands-on interactive activities at the National Maritime Science Centre, there is truly something for everyone.

GIVING: Have a theme day or fancy-dress day for charity

You’re never too old to indulge in fancy dress! Have teens pick their favourite sporting hero, singer, actor, book character or simply even a colour and dedicate a day to themes and dressing up. By incorporating an element of charity into this activity, you are teaching empathy and generosity. Research has shown the act of giving has an enormous impact on our happiness and how we view ourselves, so this is a great way to empower teens with a positive message which helps both the community and their own self esteem.

CONSISTENCY: Stick to a schedule

Deep down most students crave structure and stability, especially in new environments. So, when planning your next school camp for teens, implementing a familiar daily routine is important. Yes, the activities should be mixed up, to prevent boredom creeping in, but make sure you have a clear rhythm to the day, including set meals and bed times and a consistent sequence to each day (ie. mornings reserved for onsite activites and afternoons focused on off-site adventures).

INCLUSIVENESS: Ensure your activities cater to all abilities

We all have different skill sets and levels of abilities – teens are no different. It’s important that school camp is an inclusive experience. Consider all students when planning activities and discuss differences of ability with your Camp Concierge in the early planning stages. Take account of all differences: from obvious physical disabilities to severe food allergies to excessive shyness. Plan your program to ensure that no one feels left out.

CHALLENGE: Push teens beyond their comfort zone

Life is all about embracing the new and exciting opportunities that come our way – and there is no better place than on a school camp to experience this. Team building activities, such as mastering the Ladder Logs or solving the cryptic clues in Time Crisis, galvanises teens to step outside the familiar and work together to gain a result. Whether it be to build trust, solve a mystery or simply experience a new activity, these skills will stay with teens for a lifetime and teach them skills to assist in everyday life and beyond.

For more planning tips to ensure teens from your school enjoy an unforgettable school camp, call Molly, our Camp Concierge. With an abundance of experience in making school camps memorable, she will work with you to ensure your students have a successful school camp.

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