5 Surprising Ways To Include A Maths Curriculum On School Camp

Maths is all around us, so why not tick off a few outcomes while on camp. We use the strands of the Australian Curriculum as a foundation to surprise your students and enhance your school camp curriculum.

Number – Fun with numbers

Use the basis of Maths to organise teams, games and to challenge your students.

Here are a few sure winners:

  • Number groups: Students are assigned a number and run around in a large area. On a whistle, students form groups according to a mathematical concept e.g. a factor of 60, a squared number, a multiple of 6.
  • Outdoor buzz: After forming a circle, select certain digits that can’t be said e.g. 2 and 6. Start with one person and the students number off around the circle. Every time the ‘buzz’ digit is in a number, e.g. 23, 34, etc they have to say buzz instead. Play around with the ‘buzz’ number to include things like multiples and factors.
  • How long is a minute? This is a great activity to encourage the students to take a breather. Students stand in a circle or square. Say you’re going to time exactly a minute. Each student sits down when they think it’s exactly a minute. Closest to the minute is the winner. An extra challenge is to do it with eyes closed.

Measurement – Comparing and navigating

  • Navigation and maths go hand in hand, so plan to spend time teaching compass skills and the art of orienteering. Other activities include:
    • Draw a map of the camp to scale.
    • Use sticks as units of measurement to estimate and test the height, length and width of objects around camp.
    • Step out the perimeter of the camp and then try to work out the area.

Geometry – Find a different angle

  • Create patterns using found objects like pine cones, shells, feathers, rocks. Work in groups to see how far a pattern can be extended.
  • Categorise various objects around camp that contain shapes.
  • Angle walk: Students work in pairs and take it in turns to guide each other around the camp using angles as instructions e.g. make a 90 degree turn and move forward 10 paces.

Statistics – Chart it

It’s easy to find ways to collect data at school camp to make charts, graphs etc when you head back to school. Ideas include:

  • Daily weather e.g. temperature, cloud cover, humidity, rainfall, wind.
  • Fastest times e.g. completing an obstacle course.
  • Distances e.g. have a paper plane competition and record the distances.
  • Spotto: Record how many whales or kangaroos spotted.

Probability – The card trick

Not only will this tried and tested game teach your students about probability, you’ll never have to wait for them to be in the right place at the right time on camp.

  • You’ll need a card for every student on camp (if you have more than 52 students, add a pack but make sure the front side is a different colour or pattern).
  • At the start of the camp, each student choses a card. They must memorise their card.
  • Collect the cards and keep the pack (or packs) in a spot you can access easily.
  • Explain to the students that each time they need to line up, get into their groups etc, a card will be pulled out from the pack.
  • Discuss the probability of their card being pulled out.
  • The person who has their card pulled out is the winner of that round (a treat, prize or whatever you decide).
  • Repeat this process several times during each day.
  • Make predictions and keep track of cards that are pulled out.
  • Discuss if the probability changes.
  • Enjoy always having your students on time.

You can discover more ways to incorporate your curriculum into school camp activities in our previous post Using School Camp to Enhance Your Curriculum.

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