ANZAC Challenge Program

Resilience – Teamwork – Mateship

When you saw those words did you think that your students could use a healthy dose of that?

If so then we’ve been working on a program that will reinforce all of those characteristics over a 3 day, 2 night camp. We call it… ”The ANZAC Challenge Program.” To teach and embed the above characteristics in our future generations is one of the greatest “Challenges” of our generation.

  • A “themed” military style program based around the World War 1 battle of Lone Pine at Gallipoli.
  • An outdoors camping program where students will camp in a tent, cook for themselves and care for themselves (all under instructor and teacher supervision).

Bonus: Each student will get to keep their tent, mess kit, cutlery and carry bag valued at well over $100.

  • A Live Action Role Play (LARP) program using Infra Red “Laser Taggers” to engage students in mental and physical challenges.
  • A “progressive difficulty” program that allows achievement easily at first and then progressively makes it more difficult to succeed.
  • A “constant reinforcement” style program where students are constantly reminded about behavioural and character expectations.
  • A program that allows failure at the beginning so as to allow for correction, planning and ultimately success.
  • Is a program that uses principals from the world famous Gadaku Institute “The Rock and Water Program” to teach the principles of inner strength and resilience.

In a world that demands stronger individuals that can engage and work well with others, we owe it to our students to help them achieve greatness in whatever form that comes in. As the old saying goes…

“The grindstone of life either grinds you down or it polishes you up BUT either outcome is your choice”

Aerial Map ANZAC Challenge Program

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