Essential Considerations Before Choosing a School Camp

Essential Considerations Before Choosing a School Camp

Choosing a school camp can be an exciting journey. However, it also requires meticulous planning and informed choices. So, where should we start? Here are some essential factors to consider first.

Identifying The Purpose

Your starting point should be identifying the aim of the camp. Indeed, this will help you tailor your plan and ensure a successful experience. Now, these aspirations could vary dramatically. Perhaps your goal is building independence, fostering relationships, enhancing communication skills, or developing leadership qualities among your students. Notably, based on your curricular needs, the aim could also entail school connectedness or hands-on learning. Thus, take a moment, reflect, and note what you want your students to achieve.

Choosing a School Camp – Links with Learning

Next, don’t forget to weave in the learning aspect while choosing a school camp. Fortunately, most camp providers offer curriculum-based reference materials. Hence, they can provide activities that align with your learning priorities. In particular, these could link with Health and Physical Education, Personal and Social Capabilities, or even expand to encompass areas like Culture, Geography and The Arts. Furthermore, camps allow delving into cross-curricular subjects like Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories or sustainability. If this is for you, choose a provider offering diverse curriculum connections.

Styles of Camp

Lastly, let’s not overlook the style of camp, which falls into two main options. First, we have Residential camps, also known as ‘hard top’ camps. These camps suit students of all ages and abilities. They offer comfortable shared cabin or dormitory accommodation, dining rooms, undercover group meeting areas, and outdoor activities. Things to check include the quality of facilities and food –(do they have a full-time onsite qualified chef?), the training of activity staff, the flexibility of the camp program, and finally, the ability to design a bespoke program.​

Conversely, we have Journey-based camps best suited for older students with some outdoor experience. Journey camps foster learning through immersive outdoor adventure-carrying activities like hiking, canoeing, or mountain biking. These can help students achieve personal growth, resilience, empowerment, and environmental awareness.

Choosing a School Camp – Wrapping Up

Choosing a school camp might seem overwhelming initially. However, this journey becomes much more navigable with clear goals, curriculum links, and discussion about the camp style. Moreover, work closely with your camp provider to customise each program to align with the curriculum, learning outcomes, and student capabilities. After all, a camp is more than just a fun excursion; it’s also about learning, growing, and making long-lasting memories.


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