Adventure is in our name and we have no shortage of adrenaline-charged school camp activities to challenge students, develop confidence and encourage teamwork. Onsite adventure activities include the Skywire, Giant Swing, Mega Drop, Zorb Ball and our tough Commando Course. We can also organise Go Karting and even White Water Rafting.

Onsite Activities

Commando Course

Challenge your students with our tough obstacle course, modeled on the armed forces commando courses. You’d be surprised how bonding a physical challenge and a lot of mud can be!

Giant Swing

Slowly the entire team lifts one person high above the ground.  Alone at the top, the student must dare to pull the rope to release the Giant Swing. Great for encouraging team work and building confidence.

Ladder Logs

Students climb our Ladder Logs knowing that their classmates are behind them for support. A good exercise to build trust and courage.

Leap of Faith

It takes confidence to fall into thin air. The Leap of Faith asks students to do just that, trusting fellow students to break your fall.

The MatchStick | School Camp NSW | Coffs Coast Adventure Centre

Match Stick

Put your life in the hands of your team mates as you climb the 10 metre pole and stand on the head of the matchstick. Once at the top, leap out to the suspended trapeze bar. Having completed this death defying task, your team mates will lower you back to the ground.

Mega Drop

A jump off the 12 meter Mega Drop will take students well outside their comfort zones. It’s an exercise in confidence building.


If your students need a bit of an adrenaline charge then our 220m Skywire should do the trick.


When it’s time to turn things upside down, the Z-Ball is just the ticket. Let your students roll head over heels down a hill in our 3 meter Z-Ball.

Offsite Activities

Giant Slide

It’s the biggest slide of its kind in the country. The Big Banana’s Giant Slide is 17.5m tall, 6 lanes wide and 83 m long. The race is on and the interactive scoring system tells you exactly who was the quickest.

Toboggan Run

Embrace the speed.  Hug the turns.  Hold on tight and enjoy the ride on The Big Banana’s 600-meter toboggan run.

Water Park

It’s the biggest Water Park in Sydney and The Gold Coast. Over 4 stories high, reaching speeds of 60kph, The Big Banana’s Water Park slides are the perfect place to cool off and go wild.

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Feature Activity

Giant Slide

It’s the biggest slide of its kind in the country. The Big Banana’s Giant Slide is 17.5m tall, 6 lanes wide and 83 m long.…