Skills & Team Building

Learning a new skill helps students to develop active listening, initiative and self-confidence. The following activities are great for team building during school camps. There are so many new skills to be learned here: from archery and fencing to horse riding, canoeing, ice-skating, sea kayaking, paddle boarding, circus skills and many other team building experiences.

Onsite Activities


Learning archery is not simply about hitting the bull’s eye. Students learn discipline, mental focus, patience and persistence. Standing side by side with their classmates, students also learn to play by the rules and work as a team.


Get out on the beautiful Bonville Creek for a paddle. Our Activities Team will teach students paddling and canoeing skills before we set out. Once on the water they have plenty of games based activities to keep things interesting.

Circus Skills

This isn’t just clowning around. Mastering circus skills requires balance, flexibility, trust and mental strength. (Of course it’s a lot of fun too!)

Commando Course

Challenge your students with our tough obstacle course, modeled on the armed forces commando courses. You’d be surprised how bonding a physical challenge and a lot of mud can be!


Fencing is both a physical and a mental sport. Under the guidance of the Coffs Harbour Sword Club students get a good work out, but they also learn to think strategically, stay focused and respond quickly. Classes can be tailored for any age group.

Inner Limits

Our Activities Team has designed this series of games and challenges to allow students to explore their own inner limits, learn to trust others and work as a team.

Ladder Logs

Students climb our Ladder Logs knowing that their classmates are behind them for support. A good exercise to build trust and courage.


Two tribes will compete to see which tribe will be crowned victors. Each tribe will face challenges testing the tribes physical abilities like balance and coordination as well as challenging their mental abilities like puzzles and endurance. Will your team survive?

Team Rescue

Your plane has crash landed in a crocodile infested swamp. Your team has survived but one member is severely injured and needs urgent medical attention. With only a stretcher, ropes, planks and a multitude of obstacles between you and safety, can your team get out alive and save your team member!

Offsite Activities

Ice Skating

Step into the magical and icy world of the Big banana’s Ice Skating rink where you can cut up the ice or glide leisurely around and enjoy.

Ocean Awareness

Ocean Awareness Safety Award

Suitable for secondary students, this is a full day on-beach and in-water session. Students are assessed for practical skills include resuscitation, rescue, and basic beach knowledge.

Ocean Awareness

Ocean Awareness Surfer Award

Recommended for years 7-10 this is a full day on-beach and in-water session. Students are assessed with a timed swim, a swim-run-paddle challenge, as well as practical skills including resuscitation, rescue and beach knowledge.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking is excellent for developing skills in navigation, team work, leadership, beach and ocean awareness. Half day or full day excursions are available.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

SUP is the “it” water sport and a great way to develop balance and core strength. The professionals at Solitary Islands Surf School will teach students all the basics of stand up paddling.

Surf Rafting

Surf Rafting is the extremely fun art of white water rafting in the surfing waves. Highly trained and experienced professionals teach students rafting skills and keep them safe.


The experienced coaches at Solitary Islands Surf School have decades of surf coaching experience and provide a supportive environment to help students master the beautiful Coffs Coast waves.

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