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Looking for school camp ideas and inspiration? It can be a challenge for teachers and school camp coordinators to come up with an itinerary that’s both fun for students and achieves curriculum objectives. As well as making plans and running the show, you have to deal with managing parents’ expectations, handling student insecurities and making sure the bus is there on time. It’s a tough gig! That’s why we use our monthly blog to provide teachers and camp coordinators with ideas, tips and solutions to make running a school camp just a little bit easier.

Three ways to include the Australian history curriculum into a school camp

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” – Theodore Roosevelt. We look at the history curriculum strand of the Australian Curriculum –... Read more

Five ideas for downtime on school camp

The key to any great school camp is balance. Tired bodies, over stimulated minds, disrupted sleep patterns and intense socialising can lead to challenging situations for students (as well as... Read more

The Magic Of Music And Song At School Camp

What could possibly be better than sitting around a campfire belting out school camp songs? No experience required – you don’t even need a good voice. Follow these simple tips... Read more

5 Surprising Ways To Include A Maths Curriculum On School Camp

Maths is all around us, so why not tick off a few outcomes while on camp. We use the strands of the Australian Curriculum as a foundation to surprise your... Read more

Five things to consider when choosing a school camp venue

Five things to consider when choosing a school camp venue Choosing the right school camp venue is a decision not to be made lightly. Here are five key areas to... Read more

Making the most of a winter school camp

Think camps are only for summer? Think again. Planning a winter school camp brings another dimension to exploring the great outdoors. Here’s how to make the most of heading to... Read more

Top 5 school camp activities for Spring

Spring is nature’s way of saying – let’s party outside. It’s the Goldilocks time of the year, when everything is ‘just right’ for school camp activities. Here are five of... Read more

Five great school camp games for team building

Play is a natural and fun way to develop team spirit and skills. So, it’s a great idea to have a good cache of school camp games up your sleeve... Read more

Nine school camp activities to challenge primary students

An important aspect of school camp is for students to face challenges in a supportive environment. However, a challenge for one student, might be a walk in the park for... Read more

Five things to consider when choosing your school camp venue!

Choosing the right school camp venue is a decision not to be made lightly. Here are five key areas to consider to ensure you choose a camp that will meet... Read more


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I recently had the pleasure to attend the Coffs Adventure Centre with my school for a few days.  I came as an assistant but personally had the most rewarding few days.  I tried things I never would have, stepped out of my comfort zone and achieved things I didn’t think were possible.  By doing this it encouraged the children to push themselves that little bit further and I got the privilege to witness the children I didn’t think would involve themselves in activities just shine. To see them so happy and working as a team was also very rewarding.  The staff were all so fantastic and enthusiastic which also made our stay that much more enjoyable.  Thank you for the experience.


The accommodation is excellent for students and teachers/leaders. Activities were good and appeal to all ages and the instructors were awesome, very professional while being friendly and accommodating.

Taree High School

The booking process was easy and the online portal was very handy! Made my life much easier to allocate rooms and groups.

Emma S. – Lismore South Public School

We appreciated the initial discussion where outcomes were addressed as well as listening to other objectives for our cohort.

Grant Lawler and Carmel Beaumont – Mount Saint Johns Dorrigo

Our daughter stayed this week with her school and just LOVED everything!!!!!

T. Luxford