Team Building Activities

If you are looking for ways to challenge your players, build individual confidence or tighten team bonds then consider one of our onsite adventure activities. All equipment undergoes monthly maintenance and is checked at the beginning of each day. All activities are supervised by one of our trained Activities Team members.


Get out on the beautiful Bonville Creek for a paddle. Our Activities Team will teach students paddling and canoeing skills before we set out. Once on the water they have plenty of games based activities to keep things interesting.

Commando Course

Challenge your students with our tough obstacle course, modeled on the armed forces commando courses. You’d be surprised how bonding a physical challenge and a lot of mud can be!

Giant Swing

Slowly the entire team lifts one person high above the ground.  Alone at the top, the student must dare to pull the rope to release the Giant Swing. Great for encouraging team work and building confidence.

Ladder Logs

Students climb our Ladder Logs knowing that their classmates are behind them for support. A good exercise to build trust and courage.

Leap of Faith

It takes confidence to fall into thin air. The Leap of Faith asks students to do just that, trusting fellow students to break your fall.


If your students need a bit of an adrenaline charge then our 220m Skywire should do the trick.

Team Rescue

Your plane has crash landed in a crocodile infested swamp. Your team has survived but one member is severely injured and needs urgent medical attention. With only a stretcher, ropes, planks and a multitude of obstacles between you and safety, can your team get out alive and save your team member!

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Feature Activity


Learning archery is not simply about hitting the bull’s eye. Students learn discipline, mental focus, patience and persistence. Standing side by side with their classmates,…