Top School Camp Tips

Top School Camp Tips

School Camp is a time for students to get out, have fun, and make new friends. And get involved in some challenging activities to build resilience and teamwork. Your students will spend their day outdoors with other students who share their interests. We have a variety of camps available, so you can choose one that’s right for your student’s age group and interests. However, school camp can also be a little overwhelming for some, especially if this is their first time. At Coffs Coast Adventure Centre, we want you and your students to have the best experience possible. That’s why our focus is on safety, professionalism and solid logistics. Moreover, once you are on our site, you can expect support every step of the way.
Here are our top school camp tips to guide you if you’ve not been to camp.

School Camp Tips For Success!

What’s involved?

School camps are fun but different from your student’s usual routine. For example, they may not get a lot of free time. Plus, they might be sleeping in a bunk bed or sharing a dorm room with other students. You can help by talking about what camp will be like before your students leave so they know what to expect.

What activities will they be doing?

These are just some challenging, fun, adrenaline-fueled activities that students might participate in at a Coffs Coast Adventure Camp:

High Ropes, Z Ball, Commando Course, Giant Swing, Leap of Faith, Surfing, Kayaking and Swimming

Do some similar activities

Once you know which activities they will be involved with, try to encourage parents to do similar things with their children before they go. For example, they can let them stay overnight at a friend’s house or with grandparents. Pitch a tent in the backyard for a fun overnight experience. Get active and do some hiking. Try paddleboarding or kayaking. Lastly, how about a family camping trip? Ultimately, all these things will build their confidence and prepare them for the big camp.

Some school camp tips to encourage your students

Please prompt parents to notify the teaching staff if a particular student has any issues so that teachers can support and encourage students while at camp. These issues might include wetting the bed, concerns about friendships, being scared of water, or fear of being away from home. Parents and teachers can work together so that these issues have minimal effect on the student’s time at camp.

Supervise the packing!

Rest assured, your students will want to look too cool for school. However, fancy clothes will get ruined. So, make sure you let students and parents know to pack clothes that can be spoilt. Ultimately, it’s more fun that way!

What to bring

Personal linen & bedding

Sleeping bag or sheets and blanket, pillow, towels (beach and bath), teddy bear.

Personal items

Toiletries, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, mozzie spray, water bottle

Additional items

Basic First Aid kit

Esky for packed lunches, if required

Please don’t be anxious about your students

We know it isn’t easy, but remember that your student will eventually face something – a task or situation, an emotion – that challenges them. It might upset them, and they may even cry and want to come home, but they might not. In fact, they may be the one who helps another student through a difficult time, or they may find that their friends are there for them when they need support.

When it’s over, give your students a massive hooray!

OK, they may be a bit smelly, tired and emotional, but let them know how proud you are of them.

So, they’ve done it. They managed a few nights or a week away, and they survived! Better still, they’ve had wonderful experiences and learned something about themselves, their friends, teamwork and nature. Essentially, they have grown as people, had experiences that will stay with them forever, and returned safely.

Roll on next year!

We hope our Top School Camp Tips are helpful, and we’re looking forward to chatting with you about your next Coffs Coast Adventure Centre school camp.

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